The job, in short:

We are seeking a full-time remote Digital Designer. Our design department has experienced rapid recent growth and, holy smokes, we sure could use another designer. We’re looking for a go-getter to jump in full-time with our existing design team and start getting their hands dirty doing digital design across an array of verticals ASAP. 

Design workstreams:

  • Social media content 
  • Website 
  • Digital marketing (email, ebooks, ads, landing pages, etc.)
  • UI/UX (web apps)
  • Other marketing collateral & print

Primary tasks and capabilities:

  • Concept design around existing brands
  • Production design around existing brands
  • Provide design support across an array of mediums (email, social, site, etc.)
  • Learn and work seamlessly with new brands 
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure designs both align with brand and meet usability standards
  • Meet design consistency standards for brand and creative
  • Internal design projects as assigned (e.g. our own sales and marketing efforts)
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions and bring new, fresh perspectives to enhance design work
  • Bring a creative yet critical eye to design projects small and large
  • Complete occasional research on design-related projects
  • Other duties as assigned

The dreamy ideal candidate would…

  • Have experience in some or all of the listed workstreams and a portfolio of design work
  • Understand how to design for an existing brand including extending a brand into new spaces and verticals
  • Be a competent with Figma and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Love to learn new things and have a healthy sense of curiosity, especially when it comes to design (honestly, we don’t care if you’ve never made an ebook before if you’re willing to dive in and figure it out)
  • Be a people person who interacts with other designers and clients on a regular basis
  • Be proactive and highly communicative

What’s so great about working at Little Taller?

  • We have a great, fun, interactive design team you get to be part of (cool!)
  • We’re learning-oriented – if you have an area you want to grow in, we want to help you grow a… little taller… see what we did there?
  • We’re supportive of each other both in our day-to-day work and of each other’s big dreams (and no, we don’t think your big dream needs to be “become a slightly better Digital Designer”)

Salary: Commensurate with experience. Interested in junior and lead designer candidates.