Referral Tracker

Seamlessly generate and share referral URLs so your partners can drive more
traffic, demand and leads to your business.

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Affiliate URLs + content from one system

Referral partnerships are meant to be simple, but they often aren’t when you consider onboarding partners, resourcing them with accurate content and equipping them with referral URLs for tracking their impact on your business. Referral Tracker brings all of this together in Allbound.

  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Flexible implementation for multiple marketing technologies
  • Keep it simple with just a single code to share, or leverage the tool to market specific CTAs to your partners
  • Plays nicely with your Allbound-CRM integration

Empower your partners with Referral Tracker:

  • Auto-generate referral codes within Allbound.
  • Administrate your program by easily setting up URL links that partners can use to drive trackable traffic back to your marketing landing pages.
  • Launching Referral Tracker inside Allbound means partners have one tool and interface to onboard, access marketing content and generate links.
  • Partners can add or refresh links as needed to support their marketing efforts.

The best news?

Getting started with Referral Tracker is simple – launch it, love it and after 14 days pay for it. Little Taller’s Referral Tracker app is based on many years, and a lot of hands-on experience, with customers using the Allbound platform. Other customers think it’s pretty neat, and we think you will too.