Empowering Partners With The Product Selector App

Leverage your PRM to further enable your CPQ processes for channel partners.

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Amplify Allbound,
simplify sales

Add this productized custom feature to your Allbound PRM to take your CPQ processes to the next level. With Product Selector, you can ensure your sales teams always have the most up-to-date pricing and availability data. Take the manual work out of quoting with enhanced, automated quoting and selection features.

  • Configurable set-up
  • Flexible data gathering and management
  • Built directly into deal registration
  • Free-standing or CRM/ERP integrated

This custom feature
solves for...

  • Lack of partner-facing CPQ functionality
  • Partner-facing CPQ solutions that don’t integrate with your CRM/ERP
  • Inefficient manual processes or spreadsheets
  • Disconnected teams struggling to pass information back and forth
  • Frequent catalogue and price point updates leading to lower accuracy in quoting
  • Inaccurate or slow processes when quoting highly complex or customizable products

The best news?

The ROI on a properly implemented CPQ solution can be substantial: Salesforce users have reported a 95% reduction in approval time, 10 times faster quote generation, a 30% quicker ramp for new reps, and twice as fast time from quote to cash after bringing on new CPQ solutions. Imagine the possibilities when this feature can be extended through to your partner ecosystem.