Display sales contests, add challenges, drive campaign engagement or offer
rewards – quickly and easily – all from within your Allbound instance.

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Leaderboards brings the fun while boosting Partner Pipeline

The Leaderboards app connects data from CRM, partner pipeline, gamification or custom sources so you can let partners see exactly where they rank against their peers. Incentive partner organizations, or individual users, to engage with your brand and climb their way to the number one spot.

Put leaderboards to work in these partner program use cases:

  • Create challenges that expedite and streamline partner onboarding
  • Integrate and display data that provides quick performance recognition and feedback to individual partner contacts
  • Use game mechanics to motivate and encourage partner team members to act on behalf of your brand
  • Drive mindshare among partners and engage them with new or under-performing product solutions

The best news?

Getting started with Leaderboards is simple – launch it, love it and after 14 days pay for it. Little Taller’s Leaderboards app is based on many years, and a lot of hands-on experience, with customers using the Allbound platform. Other customers think it’s pretty neat, and we think you will too.