Empowering Partners With Leaderboard

Gamification is a popular and effective way to encourage desired behaviors and performance in your team through game mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics.

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Create leaderboards, add challenges and campaigns, offer rewards via points and badges – all using the information already housed in your CRM and PRM solutions. As an added custom feature, your Allbound interface can be modified to leverage partner activity and sales data for gamification. And it’s not just for fun – according to Centrical, over 70% of companies that implement sales gamification tools report between 11% and 50% increases in measured sales performance.

  • CRM integration/data leveraging
  • Customization for your partnership needs
  • Leaderboards
  • Points and badges
  • Social features

The Leaderboard widget helps you solve for...

  • Inefficient onboarding, solved with simple leaderboard-based challenges
  • No easily available stats hindering managerial ability to quickly provide personalized recognition and feedback
  • Demotivated or discouraged team members, motivated using game mechanics and competitive social features
  • Slow uptake of new products, solved by rewarding product pitching

Bonus Feature

Data spread across multiple platforms?
Use integrations to pull data from multiple systems.