Efficiently managing partner certifications can be a tall order. The Certifications app offers quick-to
-launch functionality that enables both individual- and company-level certifications within Allbound.

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Certifications brings a can-do attitude to partner certification management

Certifications can be used alongside Allbound Learning Tracks, or used as a stand-alone app. In either case, this useful app makes it easy for you to certify your partner ecosystem on your solutions, and keep them current.

Features you’ll love

  • Open up Certifications to all partners or restrict to specific groups
  • Use for single certifications on individual product solutions, or expand it to more robust programs across partner tiers
  • Certified partners and contacts can easily add details on LinkedIn to show off their credentials
  • Simple to use and at-a-glance reporting makes it easy to manage

The best news?

Getting started with Certifications is simple – launch it, love it and after 14 days pay for it. Little Taller’s Certifications app is based on many years, and a lot of hands-on experience, with customers using the Allbound platform. Other customers think it’s pretty neat, and we think you will too.