Empowering Partners With The Certifications App

Manage and track certifications all in one easy-to-use Allbound app.

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Put Allbound to work with custom certifications

This flexible certification app allows for user or company-level certifications. Whether you need to track which employees have certain professional certifications or want to implement new company-wide certification processes, this tool can help you achieve it.

  • Can be linked to Allbound Learning Tracks or stand-alone processes
  • Works for single certifications (e.g. product-related), or robust programs (e.g. partner tiers)
  • Share with all partners or restrict to specific groups
  • Easy to use and manage with and reporting data available at a glance
  • Plus: LinkedIn sharable!

Certifications in action

  • Lack of shared certification data
  • Managerial oversight challenges in tracking and issuing certifications
  • Challenges implementing new skills trainings
  • Disjointed systems for tracking partner progress in company certifications

Why certify?

“As global organizations continue to hunt for professionals with particular skillsets, certification provides a clear cut way to ensure employees – current and future – have the knowledge and talent needed to help progress their digital transformation.” - Digital Marketing Institute