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A mantra often repeated in business circles is “focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest.” That is great in theory, but it is a practice that is hard to follow. It’s tempting in business to take on clients with projects that are outside of your area of expertise. And it can be a challenge to simply “outsource the rest.”

Many smaller creative agencies, or marketing teams, find themselves facing this challenge. Marketing requires a diverse talent pool with expertise in many areas. Play that against tight budgets, and something has to give. For one such team, which we will call "The Agency", they found they could focus on what they did best and partner with Little Taller to accomplish the rest.


The Little Taller team augments our offerings in a simple, seamless way."

Principal, The Agency
The Challenge & Objective
The Agency focuses on branding and messaging. They have a core team of talented designers and dialed-in strategists who manage a sizable amount of client work. Where they struggled, however, was with the scalable bandwidth needed to handle the web and email marketing fulfillment.

The obvious answer is to hire a developer, or several perhaps. But as any agency owner knows, that’s more of a math problem than anything else. The real struggle was really managing bandwidth. When you service multiple clients, work does not always line up sequentially. It can be a feast or a famine.
The Solution
To solve this, The Agency engaged Little Taller who has a unique and scalable model. Little Taller is an agency founded by two professors and a few of their former students. They have created a path for students and recent graduates to get their careers moving via work with Little Taller projects. They get to grow under the mentorship of those who came before them, working on real client projects.

This model has created an agency with a wide spectrum of talent on a variety of levels from beginner to advanced, allowing for flexibility around client requests, timelines and budgets.


We can more confidently support a wider scope of work for our clients."

Principal, The Agency
The Work
In this particular case, The Agency gains a team of skilled resources, working in a highly organized and focused process, that deliver on:

  • WordPress development, support and maintenance
  • Digital marketing production on HubSpot
  • Best-practice guidance around analytics and success metrics

The thoughtful joining of forces, coupled with a commitment to delivering results, has benefitted both agencies and, most importantly, the client. Can Little Taller can help your organization achieve similar results? Let's chat.

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