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How do you channel a passion for propelling small businesses into the untapped potential of long-term financial planning, tax-conscientious decision-making, and overall effective accounting practices? If you’re Corina M. Quinn, you create ACEA Accounting.

She dreamed of providing services that gave companies and individuals the opportunity to fully thrive. We have very similar goals here at Little Taller, so it was easy to get on board with her vision. Before long, her dreams turned into schemes, and schemes turned into plans. Walking alongside others to assist in bearing the logistical weight of following their passions, both ACEA Accounting and Little Taller connected in the realm of leveraging unique experience to serve others in their trade.


I AM READY TO SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME, SO that you can invest in the the things you love."

ACEA Accounting homepage
The Challenge & Objective
Many accounting firms have a long list of abbreviated certifications and financial lingo on their website in order to fulfill legal requirements. However, although it does work to prove credibility, a long list of jargon didn’t quite align with ACEA’s values. How could an individual or small business thrive when they didn’t even know what they were reading?

So why not add a little warmth to the mix? Rather than simply telling the user about the firm’s education and experience, we aimed to foster a two-way conversation that promised a comfortable and trustworthy experience for clients.
Our Solution
In order to do so, we gave the firm a complete digital facelift. We built a new brand personality around relatable terminology, to-the-point explanations, an easy-to-use design flow, and several rhetorical questions. Overall, the brand provided useful information on licenses, certifications, services, and offerings wrapped in an approachable tone.
Branding + Content
With the intent to compete on a national level, the copy had to be universal and encompass appeals that were applicable to all geographic demographics. Considering unique state tax/financial laws and regulations, the firm’s materials would address the bigger picture as an initial hook for new clientele before offering detailed logistical information.

While doing so, it was also necessary to explain the complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. The audience that ACEA Accounting commonly communicated with lacked a professional background in finance (hence their search for an accounting firm) and therefore required an inviting education of the firm’s offerings.

The tone implemented took on a passive, conversational voice that allowed the user to take the driver’s seat. They were given an ability to apply the offerings to their own unique needs, while still discovering detailed information if they desired to do so. Addressing the standard groundwork of licensure, certifications, and overall credibility, the concepts were then translated to offer a promise of growth, ease, and confidence to all clients of ACEA Accounting.
Design + Development
This newly developed voice and content was then wrapped in a modern, universally understood, and organized user interface. The website offered calming colors with breathing white space allowing for an air of professionalism paired with usability.

Due to the B2B nature of ACEA Accounting’s marketing, the website was designed first on desktop with the anticipation of potential clients conducting research while in the workplace. Mobile design was crafted to mimic the calming personality of the desktop site with a user flow following the questions a potential client would typically have.


When you start your own company, it’s difficult handing the brand personality reigns over to someone else. But, little taller exceeded expectations."

Corina M. Quinn, Founder

Altogether, the built-out branding was given a foundation of pertinent content, inviting personality, and an understandable user-flow which mirrored the user’s progress in their unique buyer’s journey. Moving forward, the firm will have the tools necessary to create individualized interactions, to foster connections to build brand loyalty, and to continue on route for word-of-mouth promotion.

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