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What if out-of-the-box software was no longer a choice of configuration options, but a launch pad for true customization? What if we could build a platform that streamlined channel marketing so that all partners were clearly informed of the expectations, opportunities, and resources available to them? That’s where Little Taller and Allbound joined forces.


Our partnership with Little Taller helps us deliver more customized solutions that exceed client expectations."

Kraig Gardner, Allbound
The Challenge & Objective
Allbound reigns as the system of choice for partner management, and continually seeks improved platform of offerings for their clients. Their system, more than any competitor product, is flexible and meets a variety of use cases for companies of all sizes, right out of the box. But even with the best systems, sometimes custom work is needed. That’s why Allbound approached Little Taller with the objective of providing a customized experiences for a variety of platform users.

Among the dozens of custom web applications we’ve developed for Allbound clients, at the very center of each project is data. The need to aggregate data from a variety of business systems and give users actionable insights based off of that data is universal, but the process to accomplish it is often served best with custom design and development.

These three cases are the perfect illustration of a need and solution:

  • Uberflip needed to aggregate team-based sales and training metrics to foster a spirit of competition.
  • I-View Now needed to bring to the forefront individual contributor progress on assigned trainings and reward high-achieving teams with future investment.
  • Airship needed to bring static, offline collaboration on partner goals into a dynamic online experience that would increase collaboration between their direct and indirect sales teams.
Our Solution
Working with the Allbound engineering team, we crafted a micro-framework for custom application development atop the Allbound platform. This framework enables secure access, transfer, transformation, storage and display data from various sources. With the flexible tool in place, custom experiences inside of Allbound are more easily achieved. What’s more, these custom experiences are all delivered in real-time, under the customer’s brand guidelines.

The team at Uberflip sought to engage the competitive spirit of their partners. To do that, we needed to aggregate sales and training data so as to create rankings. With access to this dynamic and ever-growing dataset, we can display where an individual ranks relative to their team, and their team relative to all teams. As team members take action, their personal and team rankings reflect that positive change, in real time.

I-View Now
To a supplier, it can sometimes feel as if their partners don’t have skin in the game. But to be fair to the partners, expectations aren’t always clearly set and, what’s worse, rewarded when met. I-View Now set out to avoid this issue entirely by grouping the users at their partner organizations into teams based on roles. Each team is assigned specific trainings related to their job responsibilities. If a team completes a high enough percentage of their training successfully, they qualify for additional sales benefits. By working with Little Taller to help bring those objectives front and center in Allbound, all parties have a much clearer picture of what a successful relationship can look like.

Airship has a proven process for planning for - and achieving - success with their partners. Over the years, they have perfected the engagement process, achieving the shared buy-in it takes to maintain and grow healthy partnerships. The only thing that could make that process better was to organize and visualize each partner’s progress on their unique plan without the use of spreadsheets. To accomplish that Little Taller worked with Airship’s team to build out their “Partner Plan” tool inside of Allbound. This collaborative tool allows for both Airship and their partners to work on custom plans, in which they set shared objectives on training, marketing and sales. This tool goes an extra step: allowing Airship and their partners to share customer account access.


Little Taller's knowledge of channel and business systems helped us deliver a better experience for our partners."

Forest Yule, Airship
Successful partnerships are not the byproduct of software, it’s the output of suppliers and their partners to make the concerted effort to be mutually accountable and bought-in. Those efforts, however, that can be accelerated with the help of software. With the help of Allbound and Little Taller, these three companies were able to more effectively manage the processes and create the visibility needed to foster both supplier and partner growth.

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